Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tshaye Debalke's Bluff is Panic, as Judgement Day Aproaches

Tsehaye Debalke, just posted an article in Amharic on Aiga Forum, titled (literal translation of mine), "Terror plot, in the name of democracy". I was not surprised by this bluff, since I know who Tsehaye Debalke is. He has good reason to panic as judgement day is approaching for non repenting TPLF thugs.

Let me just say a few words about Tsehaye Debalke. Before TPLF's control of state power in Addis Ababa, Tsehaye Debalke was a civil serevant, working as an ordinary person in the then Ministry of Information. I very well remember him as we boarded on a taxi as we rode to work from Frensay Legasion to Abune Petros.

But the directions and status of our lives changed a few months after TPLF controlled Addis Ababa. Just because, Tsehaye Dabalke was from the Tigre ethnic group, he was soon promoted to a higher position in the Ministry of Information (MOI) and soon became the head of Television Division in the the MOI. While I was still riding my taxi to work, Tsehaye Debalke, started driving brand new Toyota Land Cruisers, almost changing these cars every day and being escorted by body guards, because of his sudden change of status. Just in a few months it was a climb in status and fame, just becase he was a Tigre!!! Being a Tigre brings you a favored satus and money, to this day, in Ethiopia!!!

Within just a few years this hyena, ammassed untold amount of wealth. But, even that was not enough for him. He had even a bigger dream of becoming the top TPLF brass and bandwagoned on the side of the Siyes and Gebrus to topple Meles. After their attempt was foiled, he was safely escorted to leave the country. He moved to the US, with all his stolen wealth. I don't know what his status is now in America, whether he as an asylee (if he is an asylee, his staus should now be revocked, because he is barking in favor of the government he accused to get his asylee status) or working for his masters after asking pardon as did, Abbay Tsehaye, his friend.

So much so about Tsehaye Debalke. My advise to Mr. Tsehaye is: never think that the Ethiopian people would not recognise you just becuase you were away from the scene for a few years. Your return to the scene now is understandable as you try to rescue the TPLF, from the chaos it is in. We know, the only way you would escape accountability, is ony if TPLF stayed in power. The reason why you are barking now is because you have sensed that judgement day is approaching, as the system that unduly favored you is cracking.

Tsehaye Debalke, we Ethiopians don't need your advice. Ginbot 7 is our representative Movement, and we are giving it $500s $1000s and even more to strengthen it. We are doing it out of our own volition. Even your TPLF is collecting money from Ethiopians devastated by poverty through forced membership.

Mr. Tsehaye, since when did you become an advocate of the Amhara people? Wasn't your TPLF the party that was ordering the mass murder of Amharas in Bedeno, Arbagugu, Chelenko? wasn't TPLF the party that started its rebellion with the main objective of undermining the status of the Amhara, and a stated objective of bringing the Tigre dominance (refer at your party's manifesto)?

You were trying to riducle, perhaps, Dr. Birhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsgie, from the sky rises of New York and London. For that matter, from where are you parrotting your nonsense, or do you think also New York and London are also reserved only for people like you. You are living here freely hiding your embezzled money, but our heroes, live here because they were unable to live freely in their country that has become a prison to its people because of your TPLF. They are our heroes, and they will lead us to freedom from within and without!!!

Mr. Tsehaye, we, Ethiopians, are only demading and fighting for equality of status. Nothing less!!! Repent and embrace equality, before it is too late. We have said no to minority (Tigre) dominance. Act like the ostrich, that treis to hide its head in the sand, not to face reality, you will be forced to drink from the chalice on D-Day!!!